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The Light Crystal Founder Vivian Hart

Vivian Hart created The Light Crystal at the end of 2016. She has a degree in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico, has worked as children's care director, preschool teacher, henna artist, marketing director and ran her own art/jewelry business in the San Francisco Bay area. Her education and work experiences, whether conventional or far from it, have enriched her spiritual growth. Through determination to see the truth in all things, including her own challenges in childhood, she was led to rediscover her inner abilities and find her true purpose work. She is an Artist, Counselor, Mother, a Creator who loves life but also has felt the immense complexity and pain that it is to be human right now. The Light Crystal has manifested through a powerful passion of compassion and love for the Soul's who are waking up to their truth as well. 


s a Multi-Sensory Psychic Empath, Vivian works with many different energies and guides, first being one's Higher Self and Source Energy. If one is open to her counsel, she will be able to bring in the appropriate clarifications, recommendations, guidelines and processes for where One is right now.

The seeds that created The Light Crystal were planted long ago and the plants are finally here to sow. We are now able to commune with Crystal, Earth, Spirit and other Etherial energies to help One in the ascension process here on Earth.


Certified Psychic Intuitive - World Metaphysical Association

Minister of Divinity - Source Legacy

Education with Naisha Ahsian of The Book of Stones

Certified Crystal Therapist - Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

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