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Sessions with Vivian Hart


Crystal Grid Maps 

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Multi-Sensory Intuitive Vivian Hart

We are ALL guided by our Soul Self/Higher Self in the direction of growth, even when life circumstances look and appear otherwise. Due to the accumulation of human programming with which we are embedded starting in childhood we sometimes begin to trust outside sources to guide us, and eventually can get off course.  

Having had many challenges in her life, Vivian was called to discipline herself to clear her energy and restore her relationship with Source. She has studied with many healers who use various techniques, always knowing that her gifts were unveiling and restoring in the process.  After putting these methods into practice, kicking her egos out of the driver’s seat, and repatterning her life, Vivian was able to see her purpose so clearly that nothing could stop her from employing these tools and abilities Source provided. This is how Vivian's personal healing brought her to serve others.

No matter where the client is in their journey, Vivian speaks in simple, practical, solution-based terms in the session to locate the root of what blocks the individual's progress.  Vivian attunes herself to the client's subtle energies and assist in clearing destructive programs and imbalances so they can better hear their TRUE voice.  With permission from the individual's soul, Vivian reads their fields for the most impending energy blocks, negative life patterns, physical body imbalances, negative environmental influences, cords which are ready to be released, relationship issues that need to be addressed, etc.  Vivian provides realistic guidelines and processes on how to approach this work, and offers viable recommendations for physical, mental, and spiritual health which can help heal wounded energy, restore inner trust, and raise the individual's vibration.

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