2 oz Tin

Vivian's Review~ Wild Desert Rose Balm smells of an earthy Rose Plant, stems and all. It's light scent will ground you while it does it's healing magic.


"Your outdoor office has millions of flowers- their healing should touch more than your eyes. Capture the essence of rare desert plants and restore your skin after a long day under the sun. Desert Jojoba and Aloe banish dryness while rose, ho-wood and yland ylang lift the spirit. A rejuvenating bouquet you can take with you anywhere."~ Wandering West


Balms~ formulated with potent and healing herbs, oils and butters, Wandering West's hard-working, multi-purpose balms help soothe even the most daring of adventurer's skin ailments, like chapped lips, dry-cracked heels and elbows, sunburns, to dry brittle hair.


Wandering West products are created with plants that grow in the American Southwest. They feature high quality herbal extracts, oils and butters that soothe and calm the skin. All products are sourced with cold pressed, raw, organic oils, as well as non-gmo, organic vitamins and extracts.

Wild Desert Rose All Purpose Balm