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New to Energy...

What is a Psychic Empath?

A person who has the ability to sense and or feel others emotions or residual emotions. 

Psychic Abilities Vivian uses to help guide~

CLAIRVOYANCE ~ Ability to see beyond physical sight; can receive information in the form of symbols, mind pictures.

CLAIRAUDIENCE ~ Ability to hear beyond the physical hearing such as voices, music or sound.

CLAIRSENTIENCE ~ The ability to sense subtle changes in the energy vibrations of those around them. Ability to feel or sense beyond the physical, gaining information through the 5 physical senses. Being able to pick up on non visual, nonverbal cues from people.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE~ Clear knowing. Ability to know certain things without being told or without tangible evidence or facts. Inner knowing. Receive intuitive information into the thinking mind, not into the heart or mind's eye.

How does this information become available? Thru One's Higher Self, Spirit Guides or directly from Source. The information is placed in the form of thought into the mind.


Learn more about what a session with Vivian Hart looks like.

What Vivian looks at when she reads your energy:

  • The Physical Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Ego Minds

  • Ethereal Body (Subtle Body)

  • Past Life Influences

  • Ancestoral Influences 

  • Your Community or Network of Influences

  • Positive and Negative Attachment Cords

  • Chakra System

  • Your Angel Guides & Other Guides

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