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Vivian Hart, Psychic Empath

No matter where the client is in their journey, I speak in simple, practical, solution-based terms in session to locate the root of what blocks the individual's progress.  I attune myself to the client's subtle energies and assist in clearing destructive programs and imbalances so they can better hear their TRUE voice.  With permission from the individual's soul, I read their fields for the most impending energy blocks, negative life patterns, physical body imbalances, negative environmental influences, cords which are ready to be released, relationship issues that need to be addressed, etc.  I provide realistic guidelines and processes on how to approach this work, and offer viable recommendations for physical, mental, and spiritual health which can help heal wounded energy, restore inner trust, and raise the individual's vibration.

A standard session includes a short consultation to go over questions and for permissions, a one hour private mediation done by Vivian, and a one hour in person or phone session with Vivian.

How to prepare for your Session ~

Vivian will ask permission from your Higher Self/Soul to read your energy before she can start the session.

Please collect any questions or topics you would like our session to answer or focus on.

A private meditation session is conducted before our session. This usually lasts 1 hour. If feasible we start our session immediately after the meditation. 

Before phone/in person session:

    - Drink more water than usual on day of session.

    - Take an Epson Salt Bath

    - 10 minutes before our session, find a place you feel      

      comfortable and safe in to clear your mind and begin

      grounding yourself.

    - It is recommended that you take notes during your session.

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